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A Privacy Mobile Application

A Privacy Mobile Application

Our mobile devices have become as necessary and as ubiquitous as our wallets. These tiny pocket computers not only keep us connected, they store a lot of our personal information. Do you want to learn how to better protect the personal information on your mobile device? Find out with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada’s myPRIVACYapp.

This free app will walk you through ten simple steps to help better protect your privacy on your mobile device.

We will not collect any personal information through this mobile app.

Before you start using this app, we encourage you to read through the end user license agreement (EULA) first.

You can download the myPRIVACYapp to your Apple, Android or Blackberry device for free. Search for the myPRIVACYapp in the mobile app store for your device, or click on the appropriate link below using your mobile device:

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