Annual Report to Parliament 2013 - page 9

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the protection of privacy demands a partnership
between individuals and the corporations with which they interact.
Like any successful partnership, this must be
based on trust and therefore openness. Now
that personal data has become such a precious
coin of commerce, the rules governing its
collection, use and disclosure must be crystal
clear, well understood, and actively accepted.
As I begin my term as Privacy Commissioner
of Canada, I am proud that this organization
has sought to take a leadership role in fostering
this important relationship between customers
and businesses. One of our key objectives
going forward will continue to be helping to
ensure that enterprises are forthright about
their privacy practices, so that Canadians know
what to expect and can play a more meaningful
role in safeguarding their personal information.
In today’s increasingly digitally driven,
information-based economy and society,
enhancing the ability of individuals to take
greater control over their personal information
means enhancing their control over their lives.
This report describes how the Office worked
toward that goal under the
Personal Information
Protection and Electronic Documents Act
the 2013 calendar year.
It demonstrates how this Office turned research
into action by identifying emerging privacy
issues, developing policy positions followed by
guidance and then enforcement.
This report also shows that effective regulatory
action and results are possible even in dealing
with global issues in an increasingly borderless
world. In such a world, privacy protectors
more and more need to combine forces with
international counterparts to both flag privacy
concerns (as the Office did in a letter signed by
36 counterparts regarding Google Glass) and
take joint action leading to improved online
privacy practices (which took place with the
inaugural Internet Privacy Sweep with 18
other data protection authorities allied under
the banner of the Global Privacy Enforcement
Network (GPEN)).
Message from the Commissioner
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