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Commissioner’s Message

As well, the additional sharing of personal

information enabled by the legislation is not

accompanied by a corresponding increase in

oversight. Indeed, of the 17 departments and

agencies authorized to receive information

for national security purposes under the

legislation, only three have dedicated

independent review or oversight bodies.

In the short and medium terms, we will

examine and report on how national security

legislation such as Bill C-51 is implemented.

We intend to use our review and investigative

powers to examine the collection, use and

sharing practices of departments and agencies

involved in surveillance activities to ensure

that they comply with the

Privacy Act

. We

will report our findings to parliamentarians

and the public, and issue recommendations

for potential improvements to policies or

legislation, as warranted.


While much of this report is necessarily about

reviewing our activities in the past fiscal year,

we must also focus on the future.

We have adopted strategic approaches to

ensure that we address our privacy priorities

with concrete steps. To that end, we will be

promoting innovative and technological ways

of protecting privacy; promoting strengthened

accountability and privacy governance;

collaborating with our privacy oversight

partners where we can; looking at new ways

to reach and educate individuals about privacy

protection; and taking a specific focus on

helping groups that are particularly at risk from

privacy threats (including youth and seniors).

In pursuing these priorities toward the central

goal of giving Canadians more control over

their personal information along with all the

tasks carried out by this Office, I am privileged

to do so working with and enjoying the

support and counsel of a team of talented and

knowledgeable individuals unified in their

commitment to assuring the protection of

Canadians’ right to privacy.