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Annual Report to Parliament 2014 – Report on the

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

In addition, requiring organizations to keep

and maintain a record of breaches, and provide

us with such information upon request would

be an important accountability mechanism.

Our Office would be able to evaluate

compliance with the notification provisions

and assess how organizations are deciding

whether to issue notifications.

We also look forward to the introduction

of voluntary compliance agreements under

PIPEDA. This is a tool our Office had

requested as a means to help ensure that,

after we close an investigation, the company

honours its commitments to improve privacy


While we have some concerns with some other

provisions in this Bill (see page 27), voluntary

compliance agreements and mandatory breach

reporting are positive steps forward for privacy

protection in Canada. In the interim, we

have taken steps to expand our capacity for

responding to breaches (see page 18).


Looking ahead, I see one of the main

challenges of my mandate as ensuring that the

Office continues to ensure it is keeping pace

with the new realities of the privacy landscape.

Early in my mandate, I announced plans to

engage with stakeholders across the country to

help inform the selection of privacy priorities

for the next five years. The aim was to establish

priorities that will help focus our efforts

and guide discretionary resource allocation

decisions in order to increase our chances of

making a real difference.

At the time of this report’s writing, our Office

had met with stakeholders from business,

government, consumer advocacy groups, civil

society and academia to hear their views on the

strategic areas that pose the greatest threat to

Canadians’ privacy, and the areas in which the

OPC could have the greatest positive impact.

We had also conducted focus groups with

members of the general public to gain a deeper

understanding of their privacy concerns and