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Annual Report to Parliament 2014 – Report on the

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

Appendix 1

Definitions of Complaint Types under PIPEDA

Complaints received by the OPC are categorized according to the principles and provisions of

PIPEDA that are alleged to have been contravened:


An individual has been denied access to his or her personal information by an

organization, or has not received all the personal information, either because some documents

or information are missing or because the organization has applied exemptions to withhold



An organization has failed to exercise responsibility for personal information

in its possession or custody, or has failed to identify an individual responsible for overseeing its

compliance with the




An organization has failed to ensure that the personal information it uses is accurate,

complete, and up-to-date.

Challenging compliance.

An organization has failed to put procedures or policies in place

that allow an individual to challenge its compliance with the


, or has failed to follow its own

procedures and policies.


An organization has collected personal information that is not necessary, or has

collected it by unfair or unlawful means.


An organization has collected, used or disclosed personal information without

meaningful consent, or has made the provision of a good or service conditional on individuals

consenting to an unreasonable collection, use, or disclosure.