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: The investigation was discontinued before the allegations were fully investigated.

An investigation may be discontinued at the Commissioner’s discretion for the reasons set out

in subsection 12.2(1) of PIPEDA, as a result of a request by the complainant, or where the

complaint has been abandoned.

Declined to Investigate

: The Commissioner declined to commence an investigation in respect

of a complaint because the Commissioner was of the view that the complainant ought first to

exhaust grievance or review procedures otherwise reasonably available; the complaint could be

more appropriately dealt with by means of another procedure provided for under the laws of

Canada or of a province; or, the complaint was not filed within a reasonable period after the day

on which the subject matter of the complaint arose, as set out in subsection 12(1) of PIPEDA.

No jurisdiction

: Based on the preliminary information gathered, it was determined that

PIPEDA did not apply to the organization or activity that was the subject of the complaint. The

Commissioner does not issue a report.