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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner is

working with you to safeguard your personal

information and your privacy, which can

help you protect yourself from fraudsters.

Organizations also play an important role.

In the course of doing business they acquire

personal information about employees,

clients and customers, and they must ensure

it is well managed and protected.

Canada’s federal privacy laws - the


Information Protection and Electronic

Documents Act

(PIPEDA), which applies

to private sector organizations, and the

Privacy Act

, which covers federal government

departments and agencies – both require that

personal information be safeguarded.

If you feel an organization or institution has

not appropriately protected your personal

information, you should raise your concerns

directly with them. If the response is not

satisfactory, you may wish to contact our


We are empowered to investigate complaints

and recommend that organizations

and institutions adopt better personal

information handling practices. Our Office

has also developed a number of tools to help

individuals to become more informed about

how to protect their personal information.

Our website (

) offers other

useful information about identity theft

and related frauds.

For more information,

please contact:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner

of Canada

30 Victoria Street, 1



Gatineau, QC

K1A 1H3


(819) 994-5444




(819) 994-5424

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