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Workplace Privacy

PIPEDA has limited application in the

employment context. In terms the personal

information of employees and job applicants,

PIPEDA only applies to federally regulated


Yo u r R i g h t s u n d e r


PIPEDA requires private-sector

organizations to collect, use or disclose your

personal information by fair and lawful

means, with your consent, and only for

purposes that are stated and reasonable.

An enterprise may only collect personal

information that is essential to the business

transaction. If further information is

requested, you are entitled to ask why, and

to decline to provide it if you are dissatisfied

with the answer. You should still be able to

complete the transaction, even if you refuse

to give out more personal information than

is warranted.

Organizations are also obliged to protect

your personal information through

appropriate security measures, and to destroy

it when it’s no longer needed for the original


You have the right to expect the personal

information the organization holds about

you to be accurate, complete and up-to-date.

That means you have a right to see it, and to

ask for corrections if they got it wrong.

Some fine print

Police who show they need personal

information for an investigation or during

an emergency may not be required under

PIPEDA to obtain consent to collect it.

PIPEDA does not apply to an employee’s

name, title, business address, telephone

number and email address,–which an

organization collects, uses or discloses solely

for the purpose of communicating with

individuals in relation to their employment,

business or profession.

PIPEDA also exempts organizations that

collect, use or disclose personal information

solely for journalistic, artistic or literary


It is also important to note that PIPEDA

applies to commercial activities, therefore,

an individual’s collection, use or disclosure

of personal information strictly for personal

purposes are not covered by the law.