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T i p s f o r e x e r c i s i n g

yo u r r i g h t s u n d e r


Seeing your personal information

If you want to see the information that

an organization holds about you, write

to it directly with your request. Provide

dates, account numbers and any other

details that would help the organization

track down the information you want.

Ordinarily, the organization must give

you the information within a reasonable

time and at minimal or no cost. There are,

however, exceptions, such as if disclosure

would threaten somebody else’s life or


Correcting the record

If you find errors or omissions in the

records that an organization keeps about

you, write to it and explain the corrections

you are seeking. Supply copies of any

documents that support your request.

If the organization refuses to correct its

records, you may require it to attach a

statement of your disagreement to the file.

This statement must be passed on to any

other organization that has access to the