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You may also contact the organization’s

industry association, ombudsman or

complaints office, if there is one. For

example, the Ombudsman for Banking

Services and Investments handles customer

complaints about member companies.

If you aren’t satisfied with the outcome,

you have the option of filing a complaint

with our Office. Our website includes a

guide on how to file a complaint as well as

an online complaint form or form that can

be downloaded and mailed to us. You don’t

need to hire special advisers and there is no

fee to make a complaint.

The Commissioner has the power to

investigate and try to resolve your

complaint. The Commissioner may

also ask the organization to release your

personal information to you or to correct

inaccuracies. A business may also be asked

to change its personal information-handling

practices to comply with PIPEDA.

At the end of the investigation, the

Commissioner will report findings to you

and the organization. Without disclosing

your identity, the Commissioner may

publish a summary of your case, in order to

share its lessons with others.

The Commissioner is not empowered

to impose fines or award damages for

contraventions of PIPEDA.

If the Privacy Commissioner’s report still has

not addressed your concerns, you may, under

certain circumstances, take your complaint

to the Federal Court of Canada. In cases

where the Commissioner supports your

position but has been unable to resolve the

dispute, the Commissioner may also choose

to take your complaint to court on your


The court can order an organization to

correct practices that do not comply with the

law, and to publish notices of the changes

it expects to make. It can also award you

compensation for damages you suffered,

such as humiliation.