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Page Background

Promoting public awareness

and compliance, and fostering

understanding of privacy rights

and obligations through: proactive

engagement with federal government

institutions, industry associations, legal

community, academia, professional

associations, and other stakeholders;

preparation and dissemination of

public education materials, positions

on evolving legislation, regulations

and policies, guidance documents and

research findings for use by the general

public, federal government institutions

and private sector organizations;

Providing legal opinions and litigating

court cases to advance the interpretation

and application of federal privacy laws;

Monitoring trends in privacy practices,

identifying systemic privacy issues

that need to be addressed by federal

government institutions and private

sector organizations and promoting

integration of best practices; and

Working with privacy stakeholders from

other jurisdictions in Canada and on

the international scene to address global

privacy issues that result from ever-

increasing trans-border data flows.

W e ’ r e h e r e t o h e l p

Our Office encourages people with a privacy concern to offer the organization the

opportunity to address the issue before filing a complaint with us.

The Privacy Commissioner is an ombudsman who tries to resolve disputes through

negotiation, mediation and conciliation.

The Commissioner may launch an investigation into the personal information-

handling practices of organizations in the public and private sectors. The

investigation could lead the Commissioner to recommend changes in an

organization’s practices.

Every year, our Office responds to thousands of requests from Canadians for

information about privacy and investigates hundreds of complaints under the



and the

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

. Complaint

statistics are available in our annual reports to Parliament.