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A c c e s s t o Yo u r

P e r s o n a l I n f o r m at i o n

Under the

Privacy Act,

you also have

the right to see the information that the

government holds about you, and to request

corrections to that information.

To do that, you should contact the Privacy

Coordinator in the relevant government

department or agency. To find out who

that person is, refer to Info Source, which

is a public directory of every department

and agency of the federal government. It is

available on the Info Source website.

Once you have located the correct contact,

complete a Personal Information Request

Form, which is available online. Being as

precise as possible in your request will help

speed up the process.

The Personal Information Request Form

should be sent directly to the Privacy

Coordinator in the relevant department or


There is no charge to request access to your

personal records. Ordinarily, the government

has 30 days to respond to your request,

although this deadline may be extended

under certain circumstances, such as when

large quantities of documents are involved

or if your documents require translation or

conversion into a different format.

Once you have received and reviewed the

information, you can reassure yourself that

it is accurate and complete. If it is not,

you may ask the department or agency to

make the necessary corrections, additions or


Note: Requests for access to information

held by the federal government that is


personal information should be made

under the

Access to Information Act

, which

is enforced by the Office of the Information

Commissioner of Canada.

R e s o u r c e s

Information on federal departments and

agencies can be found in Info Source:


Info Source includes a link to the Privacy

Coordinators at all departments and



Personal Information Request Forms are

available at: