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Schedule 1 of PIPEDA sets out 10 principles

of fair information practices, which form

the ground rules for the collection, use and

disclosure of personal information, as well as

for providing access to personal information.

These principles give individuals control over

how their personal information is handled in

the private sector.

However, organizations should note that

in addition to the principles set out under

Schedule 1 of PIPEDA, the Act contains an

overriding obligation that any collection,

use or disclosure of personal information

must only be for purposes that a reasonable

person would consider are appropriate in the

circumstances. This overarching standard

of appropriateness of purposes continues to

apply, independent from the provisions of

Schedule 1 of the Act.

An organization is responsible for the

protection of personal information and the

fair handling of it at all times, throughout

the organization and in dealings with third

parties. Additionally, care in collecting,

using and disclosing personal information is

essential to continued consumer confidence

and good will.

This section sets out the responsibilities for

each of the 10 fair information principles

under Schedule 1. It outlines how to fulfill

these responsibilities and offers some tips.