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The officer will meet with the organization’s

representative for a preliminary discussion of

the intent, purpose and scope of the review.

When the officer requires access to any of

the organization’s premises, he or she will

satisfy security requirements. The officer

may interview any person in private on the

premises, examine records and obtain copies

or extracts of such records. The officer will

return any document within 10 days of a

request for their return but may ask for them

again if the need arises.

Once the audit is finished, the officer will

brief the organization’s representative on the

findings. The officer will report the audit

findings to the Commissioner who will

make recommendations. The Commissioner

will send the report to the organization and

may ask to be kept informed of actions the

organization takes to correct problems.

The Commissioner may include the audit

report in his or her annual report or may

make public the personal information

management practices of an organization if

the Commissioner considers it to be in the

public interest to do so.