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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner

of Canada has prepared this guide to help

organizations fulfill their responsibilities

under the

Personal Information Protection

and Electronic Documents Act


Individuals will appreciate doing business

with organizations that demonstrate a

respect for their privacy rights, which can

ultimately lead to a competitive advantage

for businesses. Organizations can see this as

an opportunity to review and improve their

personal information handling practices.



The Privacy Commissioner of Canada

is responsible for oversight of both the

Privacy Act

and Part 1 of PIPEDA. These

acts protect personal information entrusted

to federal institutions and commercial

organizations, respectively.

As an Agent of Parliament, the

Commissioner reports directly to the House

of Commons and to the Senate, not to the

government of the day. This independence

ensures impartiality and open-mindedness in

exercising his or her role as an ombudsman

for privacy matters.

While the Commissioner protects individual

rights, he or she is also an advocate for the

fair information principles that form the

foundation of PIPEDA.

The Commissioner’s thorough investigations

and impartiality protect both individual

rights and the organization against unfair


The Commissioner promotes the purposes

of the Act through public education and

awareness initiatives, research, reporting, and

consultation and agreements.