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also made additional recommendations to
further enhance privacy protections.
Our Office recommended the adoption of
Automated Target Recognition software,
which creates stick figure images of people
being scanned.
In 2013, the federal government announced
the adoption of that software.
Canada-U.S. Border Initiatives
The governments of Canada and the United
States have been developing a perimeter
security initiative, the stated goal of which
is to increase security and ease trade along
our shared border. Prime Minister Stephen
Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama
signed the Beyond the Border Declaration
in 2011.
Our Office has strongly advocated that all
initiatives flowing from the agreement must
truly and properly integrate and respect the
privacy rights expected by Canadians.
We participated in the government’s public
consultation and submitted a series of
recommendations touching on the privacy
risks stemming from the various elements
of the perimeter security model.
As we stated in our submission, Canadians
have high expectations of privacy and a deep
commitment where personal information
protection is concerned. Given these
sensitivities around private information and
sovereignty, we would tend to believe any
movement away from these norms would
quickly overshadow public debate around
plans to follow.
We stressed that any information exchange
be: limited to the specific elements of
personal information that are truly necessary;
constrained in its use and disclosure for very
specific purposes; and subject to a robust set
of safeguarding measures and oversight.
We also strongly advised that privacy
impact assessments should be carried out
for individual initiatives flowing from the
Beyond the Border Action Plan dealing with
personal information.
Following those consultations, the Canada-
U.S. Perimeter Security Action Plan was
released. We noted that it committed to each
country respecting the other’s sovereignty,
and the right to independent decision-
making and risk assessment. The plan also
called for each country to maintain its own
independent databases.
We are pleased to see Canadian departments
and agencies are now regularly consulting
our Office and submitting privacy
impact assessments for review and
We are currently reviewing seven privacy
impact assessments related to the action plan
and have completed 12 reviews to date.
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