Privacy Priorities - page 19

How it began
Information technology was an obvious
choice as a strategic priority because so many
of the privacy issues that we encounter these
days contain a technology component.
In this Digital Age, it is impossible to
effectively address privacy issues without
understanding the technology behind them.
Technology is evolving at a blinding
pace, and the privacy implications of
emerging technologies are not always
immediately apparent.
Our mission, therefore, was to pro-
actively identify emerging technological
developments and get ahead of the curve as
best we could. We needed to build internal
capacity required to analyze and understand
the market drivers and their privacy
implications. Only then could we speak
credibly on the related privacy risks
and prompt organizations and individuals
to take the necessary steps to mitigate them.
What we observed
Whether in the fields of education, health,
government, commerce, or just around the
house, technology is everywhere. Where once
we wouldn’t leave home without a wallet, it is
smart phones and tablets that are becoming
indispensable for many Canadians.
As technological devices become more
portable, they are also growing more powerful.
and privacy
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