Privacy Priorities - page 27

How it began
When we first explored this priority, we
thought about identity theft, where criminals
steal personal information in order to
commit fraud. We soon recognized, however,
that the issue of identity integrity and
protection is much broader. In fact, your
identity is appropriated all day, every day,
by all kinds of entities – for good and ill, as
well as for reasons we may not be aware of,
understand or agree with.
In the Information Age, people leave behind
a trail when they browse online, post a
comment, use a credit or loyalty card, stroll
past a surveillance camera, send an e-mail
to a customer service department, or conduct
any other sort of transaction.
Your information bits are gathered up,
cross-referenced and analyzed. With the
right analytic software and know-how,
organizations can create a highly detailed
profile of you – their version of your identity.
This identity can be used for a multitude
of purposes. It could be a ticket to VIP
treatment at a store, or it could provoke a
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