Privacy Priorities - page 37

How it began
When it comes to personal information, it
doesn’t get more personal than your DNA.
While it’s true that we are 99 per cent similar
in terms of our genetic material, the unique
1 per cent sets each of us apart, making DNA
the ultimate identifier.
What’s more, your genetic information is not
just a single factoid about you; it’s a veritable
library. It tells the story of your ancestry, your
present, and potentially even your future.
All of this makes your genetic information
extraordinarily precious to you – and
profoundly tantalizing for so many others,
from police and medical researchers to
insurance underwriters and your boss.
When we decided to select genetic
information as one of our Office priorities,
it wasn’t because we were inundated with
complaints or inquiries about the subject.
We weren’t.
We were, however, concerned about the
potential future impact on privacy as the
science of genetics was rapidly advancing.
And, as we began to really focus on the issues,
our early concerns were borne out. The risks
to privacy are already many, varied and vast.
At the same time, the technologies to put
and Privacy
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