Privacy Priorities - page 4

One of the most significant challenges faced by a privacy
regulator in the 21st century is the fact that there are so many
new risks to privacy – most of them unfolding at breakneck
speed in ways we could not have imagined just a few years ago.
Indeed, the privacy landscape is in constant
and dramatic evolution.
In order to meet this challenge as effectively
as possible, my Office decided in 2007 to
identify key strategic priorities that would
serve as focal points for our work.
After a careful, deliberative process, we
identified: 1) information technology;
2) public safety; 3) identity integrity; and
4) genetic information as our key areas of
focus in this era of rapid change.
These priorities have helped us prioritize
incoming requests and demands on our
Office, develop our work plans, and leverage
our resources where we could have the
greatest impact for Canadians.
Selecting our Four Priorities
As we set out to identify our strategic
priorities, we considered several criteria.
We assessed several potential priority issues
in terms of their intrinsic importance:
whether they were national or international
1,2,3 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,...48
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