Privacy Priorities - page 45

The four selected priorities – public safety,
information technology, identity integrity
and genetic information – represent the
most pressing privacy issues that have faced
Canadians in recent years.
There is every reason to believe the privacy
landscape will continue to evolve rapidly
and we will see new and complex challenges
related to these issues.
Our focus has allowed us to identify
some common threads between all the
priorities that will undoubtedly to continue
to create challenges for privacy in the
years ahead.
First, information technology is an enabler
for the vast majority of the emerging privacy
challenges of the 21
While technologies can offer tremendous
benefits, advancing technologies and
analytic techniques will continue to pose
clear challenges across all four priorities.
Indeed, the privacy risks related to some
of those issues have intensified over the
last several years as we have developed
more advanced technologies and the
cost of retaining information, as well
as deploying certain technologies has
dropped significantly.
As the real and potential uses of these
technologies have become clearer, there has
been increased interest in their use in both
the public and private sectors.
Another common theme is that we
increasingly see that the value of personal
information to both businesses and
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