Privacy Priorities - page 47

privacy legislation to be regularly reviewed
and updated to ensure it keeps up with
emerging trends.
Our laws, our policies and our institutions
have all been strained in the past decade
given the pace of commercial evolution,
governments’ preoccupation with security
and ever-changing public expectations.
For many, this has brought into question
Canada’s framework for the protection of
personal information – in both the public
and private sectors.
We believe it is time to modernize both the
Privacy Act
and PIPEDA to ensure they
can meet the challenges of today – and the
challenges that lie ahead.
Canadians deserve and expect to be
protected by modern privacy laws that
are relevant to the times.
A Question of Ethics
All of these issues are profoundly important
to the future of Canada. They raise questions
not only about privacy rights, but moral
and ethical issues as well. And they have
implications for future generations.
Canadians have told us that privacy is a value
they cherish. It a critical element of a free
society and there can be no real freedom
without it. It is a cornerstone of our democracy.
This is why it is critical to be mindful of
our choices.
The decisions we make today about public
safety initiatives; about the technologies
in our daily lives; and about the policies
and legislation that protect our personal
information will all have impacts long into
the future.
The central question that governments,
organizations and individuals need to ask
themselves should no longer only be: Does
privacy law allow this? But more importantly:
we be doing this?
In other words: How do we define who we
are? How do we relate to other individuals,
organizations and governments? Essentially:
What kind of world do we want to live in?
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