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Commissioner of Canada, my job is to
identify the privacy risks involved, and work
to mitigate them on behalf of Canadians.
My Office strives to help enable responsible
progress while protecting Canadians’ personal
information from potential misuse in the
hasty push towards profit or expedience.
Over time, I have come to see these issues
at their core as ethical issues about the way
we understand the world around us, the
respect we hold out for individuals’ right
to autonomy and dignity, and the kind of
society we want to live in.
Several years after identifying the strategic
priorities, and as my mandate comes to a
close, it is time to take stock.
In hindsight, were these four issues the right
ones to focus on? What have we learned about
them? Has our Office made a difference in
these areas? If we were to re-do this same
priority-setting exercise today, would we
come up with the same or different priorities?
By any measure, we believe the strategic
priorities initiative has been a success.
The pages that follow highlight a few of our
achievements that have had a real impact in
protecting the privacy rights of Canadians.
I will be leaving the Office of the Privacy
Commissioner of Canada at the end of 2013
after a decade at the helm. I offer these
observations in the hope that they may offer
some helpful insights for protecting privacy
in the years to come.
The new Commissioner will begin with a
clean slate and will determine the priorities
of the next mandate. I am confident that the
Office and its remarkably talented in-house
experts will continue to build on the solid
foundation we have already put in place – no
matter what new challenges the future brings.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity
to thank my hard-working staff for their
passion for privacy, their dedication to
the standards of excellence and the ethical
behaviour Canada expect in its civil service,
and also for their exceptional work on our
four strategic priorities over the years.
We have come a long way.
Jennifer Stoddart
Privacy Commissioner of Canada
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