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implications. In the medium term, we will provide guidance, particularly to SMEs and app developers, on how

to build privacy protections into their new products and services while avoiding certain “no-go” zones

altogether; through our education and outreach efforts, we will help inform Canadians about the privacy risks

associated with wearable devices and direct-to-consumer genetic testing, and offer options for protecting

themselves; we will work with government departments to maximize the potential, and minimize the risks,

associated with new forms of biometrics.

We will have pursued our stakeholder dialogue with the insurance industry in the short term, and then with

other secondary users of personal information in order to balance the business need for personal information

about health and body with people’s right to have their privacy respected without adverse economic impact

on them or their families.

Figure 2: Implementing the privacy priorities

The following illustration maps out how we plan to implement these new priorities.

Vision: Canadians will have greater control over their personal information












The OPC will have enhanced

the privacy protection and

trust of individuals so that

they may confidently

participate in an innovative

digital economy.

The OPC will have

contributed to the

adoption and

implementation of laws

that demonstrably

protect both national

security and privacy.

The OPC will have helped

to create an environment

where individuals may use

the Internet to explore

their interests and

develop as persons

without fear that their

digital trace will lead to

unfair treatment.

The OPC will have

promoted respect for

the privacy and

integrity of the human

body as the vessel of

our most intimate

personal information.

Strategies for achieving our goals

Exploring innovative and technological ways of protecting privacy

Strengthening accountability and promoting good privacy governance

Protecting Canadians’ privacy in a borderless world

Enhancing our public education role

Enhancing privacy protection for vulnerable groups