Contributions Program 2017-2018
OPC Pathways to Privacy Knowledge Translation Initiatives Call for Proposals

Schedule C - Project Expenditures Report

Project Title:

Duration of Project:

Period Covered by this Report:

OPC Funding Details
Allowable expenditures A
Total funding provided by the OPC
(as per Schedule B)
Expenditures claimed previously
Current period expenditures being claimed
Total expenditures claimed to date (B+C)
1. Salaries and benefits        
2. Travel expenses        
3. Telecommunications        
4. Contractual services        
5. Materials and supplies        
6. Rentals (includes equipment and meeting rooms)        
7. Other (Please specify)        
8. Indirect administrative expenditure (up to a maximum of 15% of the total direct Project expenditures, i.e. items 1 to 7 above)*        
Total allowable expenditures        

* Indirect Administrative Expenditures may not to exceed $6,521.75.

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