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Public - private divide and reputations - Question 1

c-50, c-51, c-52 all make this invalid. NOTHING done outside the home is private, even the encrypted data streams.

I use ghostery for cookies, .noscript for security and sweeper to clean the machine. html 5 and it meg-sized DB is a new concern for me. masking the browser /address is a little too much trouble.

I do NOT do ANY online purchases. The personal machine /corperate server is STILL too fault prone.

Public - private divide and reputations - Question 2

you will only harm the Canadian storage industry with this. Even anonimized data can be back traced to the origianl id.

Children need special attention - Question 1

I occasionally get stuck cleanuing up after their littlw misadventures. Kids are kids.

Consent and transparency - Question 1

Borg afying the populance will proceed, regardless of intentions.

Consent and transparency - Question 2

see my first answer.

good luck, as far as I know no one teaches self defense in school yet.

Other uses and disclosures - Question 1

profiling works.

Safeguards - Question 1

this is now international law. DB copyright is murky here.

Safeguards - Question 2

the law states that the server is the salesman, not the buyer. (for taxes)

that makes any travel to a free zone (data collection) legal.

Safeguards - Question 3

the only security is an informed citenery, and THEY aren't mechanics.

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