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Unnecessary requirement for a social insurance number

A caregiver complained that she had to give her social insurance number (SIN) to the father of a child in her care. It was required in order for the father to receive compensation under the Department of National Defence’s (DND) Family Care Assistance (FCA) program.

Under DND’s FCA program, certain members of the Canadian Forces can be reimbursed for child care costs when on duty away from home. In order to receive the benefit, members have to submit receipts and complete a DND form, which requests information concerning the caregiver, including the caregiver’s name, SIN or business number.

During our investigation, DND explained that there was no actual requirement for the caregiver’s SIN under the FCA program. It therefore agreed to change its form to reflect this. In the meantime, DND instructed its staff not to ask for the SIN. DND also confirmed that the father in question had not provided the caregiver’s SIN on the form.

The caregiver was pleased with this outcome, and the matter was considered settled.

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