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Employee complains DND disclosed personal information

A full-time, non-union employee of the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency complained that a Department of National Defence (DND) labour relations officer disclosed a list containing the name, status, position title, pay-band and actual salary for all union and non-union members to the union.

The Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union were in contract negotiations. DND had prepared a detailed wage proposal containing the salaries of employees for discussion at the negotiation table. Union representatives were told the information was strictly confidential. The union negotiator did, however, share copies of the pay rates with members.

The case was settled in the course of investigation. The investigation established that, while the union requires information for negotiation purposes, it does not need the name and actual salary of union and non-union employees. DND decided it will no longer provide the names and actual wages of the employees in contract negotiations. It will only provide general information about pay rates.

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