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Canada Revenue Agency employee misuses information

A woman complained that her former neighbour, who worked for the Canada Revenue Agency, improperly gained access to her tax files in order to identify her place of employment and then used this information to make harassing and threatening phone calls.

The complainant had a history of problems with the Canada Revenue Agency employee. She stated that the employee and her family had threatened and harassed her for years. The complainant moved and obtained an unlisted telephone number. After her move, she began receiving harassing calls at her place of work. She determined that these originated from the Canada Revenue Agency employee.

The agency confirmed that its employee had used her position to gain access to the complainant’s personal information. This included the complainant’s address, Social Insurance Number, place of employment, income and deductions. The agency confronted the employee about her actions and she confirmed she had viewed the complainant’s tax information. She was disciplined for the unauthorized access to the complainant’s personal information.

The CRA has an extensive audit trail process allowing it to maintain the security of taxpayers’ information.

The complaint was well-founded.

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