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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) generates privacy research in a few ways. It conducts in-house research, commissions expert research and provides funding for independent research projects. In addition, the OPC regularly conducts public opinion research with Canadians, Canadian businesses and other audiences to stay abreast of privacy awareness, understanding, attitudes and perceptions.

By funding privacy research that draws from, and includes, Canadian perspectives, we help generate information, insights, analysis, and in some instances, debate—all of which contribute to the protection and promotion of privacy.

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Research project

You’re being watched, be aware: series of podcasts simplifying the results of OPC funded research

Organization: Coopérative radiophonique de Toronto (CRT) - CHOQ-FM
Project Leader: Tonia Mori

Research project
Public opinion research paper

Privacy Enhancing Technologies – A Review of Tools and Techniques

Report prepared by the Technology Analysis Division of OPC about Privacy Enhancing Technologies.

Research project

Protect Your Privacy – Online! Educational Program

Organization: ACORN Canada
Project Leader: Marco Gomez, Project Administrator

Research project

Effects of Informal Online Regulatory Regimes on Privacy

Organization: Brock University
Project Leader: Natasha Tusikov, Adjunct Professor, Department of Sociology

Research project

The Peer Privacy Protectors Project

Organization: Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA)
Project Leader: Sukanya Pillay, Executive Director and General Counsel

Research project

E-Learning Courses on Data Privacy and Anonymization

Organization: Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) Research Institute
Project Leader: Khaled El Emam

Research project

Big Data Assessment for Canadian Private Sector Organizations Project

Organization: Information Accountability Foundation (IAF)
Project Leader: Martin Abrams, Executive Director

Research project

To Share or Not to Share: How Youth Make Choices About Reputational and Data Privacy Online

Organization: MediaSmarts
Project Leader: Jane Tallim, Co-Executive Director

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