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Project Descriptions

The following is a brief description of funded projects:

Organization: University of Western Ontario, Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $49,850.68
Project title: The View from Here: User-Centered Perspectives on the Privacy Expectations of Digital Citizens         
Project description: This project proposes to inquire into the privacy expectations of online social network users, examining whether and to what degree the users themselves believe online social networking spaces are “private” spaces; how they think competing interests (including free speech and security) should be balanced against privacy interests; whether they see information posted to online spaces as entering the public domain; and to what extent they see online privacy as a nuanced concept.

Organization: Media Awareness Network
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $47,048.01
Project title: Young Canadians in a Wired World - Phase III
Project description: This project is the final stage to a project that was initiated in 2000 by MNet – Young Canadians in a Wired World is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging study of children and teens’ Internet use in Canada. Phase III completes the qualitative research stage through the following Year Two activities: conducting parent and youth focus groups in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal; writing the Young Canadians in a Wired World – Phase III Qualitative Research Final Report; and developing and implementing a communications strategy.

Organization: University of Victoria, Sociology Department
Location: British Columbia
Funding amount: $47,450.15
Project title: Public Safety, Private Security, and Temporary Re-deployable Video Surveillance Cameras at Outdoors Public Events
Project description: This study builds on research findings from a Canada wide, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded investigation into city-wide video surveillance systems by public bodies. The University of Victoria aims to extend its research program to study how contract private security firms subject to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) operate temporary re-deployable surveillance camera systems.

Organization: University of Ottawa, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $25,000.00
Project title: Electronic Communications Interception and Privacy: Can the Imperatives of Privacy and National Security be Reconciled?
Project description: This project proposes to review Canada’s gathering of intelligence via the private sector and how this interception capability fits within privacy law and rights under PIPEDA. The focus will be on the law, role and mandate of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE). Where possible, the paper will also make policy recommendations on how to ensure a strong privacy regime and look at linkages to accountability gaps, cyber security, Lawful Access and the emerging Canada-US perimeter security proposal.

Organization: Atmosphere Industries
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $49,265.00
Project title: Gaming Privacy: Creating a Privacy Game with Canadian Children
Project description: This project proposes to work with a group of young Canadian children as co-creators to create, deploy and research a cross-media game that engages children ages eight and up in the development of privacy literacy skills. Cross-media games mix physical and digital spaces and technologies to create unique experiences that get people out into public spaces where they work together to solve puzzles and accomplish game goals.

Organization: Association sur l’accès et la protection de l’information (AAPI)
Location: Québec
Funding amount: $50,000.00
Project title: Posting Pictures and Personal Information Online: A Teaching and Learning Kit for Teachers and Students
Project description: The Association sur l’accès et la protection de l’information (APPI) aims to increase awareness among high school students by providing an educational kit to help teachers discuss issues concerning online privacy and personal information protection with their students. The educational kit will contain print and audiovisual tools on developing sound practices for posting pictures and the use and disclosure of personal information.

Organization: Canadian Association for the Deaf
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $48,815.00
Project title: Understanding Your Privacy Rights: The PIPEDA in Signs
Project description: This project will create “simple language” versions of two key publications of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and then film these versions in both American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des Sourds du Quebec (LSQ). The products will render PIPEDA fully accessible to individuals who are deaf and/or hard of hearing, functionally illiterate, intellectually/developmentally disabled, or autistic. The products will also assist businesses and organizations in serving and supporting these groups.

Organization: Centre International de Recherches d’Experts Consultants Juridiques Indépendants
Location: Ontario
Funding amount: $40,564.00
Project title: Training for volunteers on privacy education and outreach
Project description: This project aims to recruit and train 10 volunteers to conduct privacy education workshops for the ethnocultural Francophone community in Toronto. The volunteers will be trained by experts at the Centre, who will in preparation for this training have conducted research on privacy law and protection. It is expected that the workshops will be spread out over two months. This project aims to respond to a growing need the Center has identified within the community it serves for more information on how to protect privacy and personal data.

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