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March 28, 2013

OPC launches new privacy research section on web site

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) has launched a new section highlighting privacy research on its web site to make it easier for individuals and organizations to access information and analysis on a variety of privacy issues.

The new section highlights privacy research and related initiatives undertaken, commissioned or funded by the OPC. It consolidates a wide variety of research materials previously available on the OPC web site, and allows users to browse according to topic or by initiative.

On the main page of the new research section, users will find links to privacy statistics, reports from consultations, independent research projects funded by the OPC, and issue-specific analyses and recommendations provided by the OPC to other organizations. In addition, all research from the Office’s Deep Packet Inspection Essay Project has been incorporated into the new section and from now on will be available on

Along with the launch of the new section, a number of new research reports have been posted, including:

The OPC uses research to build a strong foundation for advising Parliament, developing policy positions, conducting investigations and promoting public awareness of privacy issues. With the launch of this new privacy research section, the OPC is making it easier for others to access and benefit from its broad collection of research resources.

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