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Understanding Social Media Privacy Risks to Enterprises

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Remarks at the IAPP Canadian Privacy Summit

Toronto, Ontario
April 30, 2009

Address by Louisa Garib
Legal Services, Policy and Parliamentary Affairs

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“Social Media is a conversation”

  • Online content generated by users
  • Uses accessible technologies
  • Not organized
  • Not controlled
  • Many voices
  • Social dynamic
  • Mainstream — here to stay

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Social Networking graphics

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Features of Social Media that can give rise to Privacy Risks

  • Users misunderstand privacy risks
  • Intimacy and immediacy— promotes disclosures
  • Users underestimate scope of disclosures
  • Used for Work and for Fun — blurs line
  • Control once information is posted

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How serious are the Risks to Enterprises?

  • Don’t know full extent of risk
  • Just beginning to understand technology, use by people, impact on privacy
  • Rapidly changing
  • Beginning to construct appropriate rules of engagement to understand and mitigate risks

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What are the Risks of SM?

  • Illegal/unauthorized/inappropriate disclosure of personal or confidential information
  • The employment relationship — internal/discl.
  • Lack of policies, protocols, training, errors
  • Customer Relationship — external/collection
  • Malware, hacking - external/ breach


  • Liability under PIPEDA and other laws
  • Harm to corporate reputation

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PIPEDA and Social Media

  • Collection, use and disclosure of personal information
  • Course of commercial activity
  • Employment relationship if FWUB
  • Notice, Consent, Reasonable purpose
  • BUT — other private or confidential information and situations not caught by privacy legislation
  • Still risks to enterprise — Best practices
  • PIPEDA minimum standard - guidance

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Disclosures by Employees using SM

  • Personal or corporate SM
  • On or off duty — lines blurred
  • PI about other employees — examples
  • Unionized workplace — neg’n, elections
  • Human rights, harassment, defamation
  • Obscene materials, copyright
  • Clients / customers
  • Business partners
  • Confidential corporate information
  • Reputation and publicity

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Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information using SM

  • Recruitment and staffing
  • Monitoring
  • Investigations
  • Change day to day management of the employment relationship
  • Customers — service delivery, managing relationship, marketing information
  • Requests from law enforcement; litigation

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How to manage risks?

  • Understand technology — aware of privacy implications for enterprise
  • Aware of information flows — in and out
  • Express policy guidelines on SM and handling PI; understandable; consequences of violation; disseminate widely - OPC Fact sheet
  • Use allowed in the workplace? Will it reduce risks? Create other issues?
  • Education — avoid privacy misunderstandings

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