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Driver's licences

A driver’s licence is a way for drivers to show that they are authorized to operate a motor vehicle and for authorities to enforce traffic laws. Driver’s licence numbers are unique to the driver and usually last a lifetime. The cards also contain a lot of personal information.

Businesses sometimes ask customers for their driver’s licence cards to verify identity, and sometimes want to record the information on the card for their records. However, privacy commissioners have taken the position that a driver’s licence should not be used as universal identity card.

On this page, you will find advice for individuals and guidance for organizations about the rules that exist to protect the personal information on driver’s licences.

Protecting your driver’s licence

Learn why retailers ask for driver’s licences and what you can do if asked for yours.

Collection of Driver’s Licence Numbers Under Private Sector Privacy Legislation

Learn about PIPEDA and find information to help businesses understand and comply with the law.

Investigations of businesses related to driver’s licences

Access links to investigations of businesses conducted by OPC into issues related to driver’s licences.

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