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News Release  -  Published better understand the observations. The first Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) Internet Privacy Sweep...News Release News Release: Global Internet Sweep finds significant privacy policy shortcomings - August 13, 2013 Global Internet Sweep finds significant privacy policy shortcomings News Release...

Questions and Answers  -  Published

...its Sweep activities on May 6th. What is the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN)? Global Privacy...Global Privacy Enforcement Network Internet Privacy Sweep Questions and Answers Global Privacy Enforcement Network Internet Privacy Sweep - Questions and Answers Questions and Answers May 6, 2013...

Speech  -  Published sweep during our participation in this year’s GPEN Sweep that took place April 13, 2016, on the theme of Internet of Things and Accountability. During the sweep, we replicated the consumer... for improvement. Our next step, following the Environmental Scan and GPEN Sweep results, is to conduct a network...

Date delivered:
Address by Patricia Kosseim
Access and Privacy Conference 2016
Completed access to information requests  -  Published promote Privacy in Parliament” Disclosed in part 5 A-2015-00150 Briefing Note: “2014 GPEN Privacy Sweep Communications Strategy” Disclosed in part 71 A-2015-00151 Briefing Note: “Communications materials for the release of the 2014 GPEN Sweep results” Disclosed in part 18 A-2015-00154 Briefing...

Speech  -  Published

...Children’s Privacy Sweep. GPEN Sweep As part of this annual initiative, data protection authorities...

Date delivered:
Address by Daniel Therrien
Canadian Marketing Association Breakfast Seminar
Speech  -  Published

...Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) sweep. Stronger relationships also allow for quicker and more agile... of data protection authorities from around the world that endorsed a historical Global Cross Border... While the footings for the next era at the OPC are being set, there are likely to be strong cross...

Date delivered:
Address by Patricia Kosseim
Lexpert Information, Privacy and Data Protection Conference
Published a member of the GPEN Management Committee and we coordinated the GPEN Privacy Sweeps in 2013... Economic Cooperation (APEC) Cross-border Privacy Enforcement Arrangement (CPEA) The APEC Cross-border... protection principles around the world. Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) GPEN is an informal...

Joint Open Letter  -  Published

...marketplace. This year, the second annual Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) Privacy Sweep took place, involving 26 privacy enforcement authorities from around the world.  The Sweep offered... and the extent to which consumers were informed about each app’s privacy practices. One of the Sweep...

Report to Parliament  -  Published better meet Canadians’ needs. Recognizing that privacy issues increasingly cross borders... authorities around the world engaged in the third annual Global Privacy Sweep which examined the privacy...

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