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Report to Parliament  -  Published

...crossing borders. A single issue can affect large numbers of people in multiple countries.... These included, for example, the Global Privacy Enforcement Network Privacy Sweep, through which 26 privacy.... Among the most exciting developments of 2014 was the acceptance of the Global Cross Border Enforcement...

Departmental performance report  -  Published

...action. Another example is the annual Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) Privacy Sweep... and was lead in the development and coordination of the GPEN Privacy Sweep with three provincial and 22... the privacy communications of popular apps and websites. By publicizing the concerns raised in the Sweep...


...conducted an environmental scan and a GPEN sweep in 2016-17. The OPC’s consent and reputation consultation... are becoming more inter-disciplinary and cross-jurisdictional. This year, the OPC has again made... protection. As executive members of GPEN and the International Conference, the OPC continues...

Announcement  -  Published

...enforcement agencies around the world to establish the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), a network designed to facilitate cross-border cooperation in the enforcement of privacy laws. GPEN... with our international colleagues is critical to our future success.” “The GPEN initiative...

Report to Parliament  -  Published

...The working group will build on the success of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) and the Cross...), which we described in our 2010 Annual Report. Our Office was one of the founding members of GPEN...

Report on plans and priorities  -  Published

...and cross-jurisdictional. The OPC has needed to allocate investigative and policy resources to increase... developed through and the lessons learned from annual Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) Privacy Sweeps, to ensure that the most efficient compliance tool is chosen to address specific privacy...

Departmental performance report  -  Published

...The Office also participated in the GPEN Global Privacy Sweep focused on Children’s Privacy and the CASL... existing oversight and control measures. Privacy issues are becoming more inter-disciplinary and cross... through the use of a range of compliance tools (e.g., Privacy Sweep) that are less resource-intensive...

Departmental performance report  -  Published

...through the Global Privacy Sweep; successfully collaborating with domestic and international partners... also searched over 300 sites during the first annual Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN) Internet Privacy Sweep; the publication of results highlighted the importance for organizations to be open...

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