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September 1, 2011*

Via: Fax and Mail

Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Attention: Ms. Jennifer Stoddart
112 Kent Street
Ottawa Ontario
K1A 1H3

Dear Ms. Stoddart:

I am in receipt of your letter dated August 3, 2011 to (Redacted) Apple Canada Inc. (Redacted)** I am responsible for Legal and Government Affairs at Apple Canada and more than pleased to address your request for information.

We understand that you will be appearing before Parliament with respect to legislative initiatives regarding disclosure of personal information to government authorities. Based on the questions posed in your letter, we would like to provide the following information on behalf of Apple Canada:

Q.1.Approximately how many data requests from government authorities does your organization receive annually, on average? Similarly, approximately how many users or accounts are subject to disclosure to authorities in response to a valid request?

Answer: Apple Canada maintains a database of approximately ten million individuals. Over the period from June 2010 toJune 2011, Apple Canada received approximately 100 requests for information on individuals or individually registered products from law enforcement agencies, including Regional Police, RCMP and Border Protection Services. Approximately 20% of those requests were seeking specific customer identification by way of search warrant or production order. In addition to this, we have also received requests from regional police for copies of video surveillance at our Retail store locations, in cases where the police suspect fraud or theft.

Q.2. Like some organizations, do you make these figures available to the public in any form?

Answer: No. Apple Canada does not publicize this data.

Q.3. Do you keep internal, aggregate statistics on the types of requests you receive (such as production orders and emergency requests) and the kinds of Information requested (eg subscriber records, non-content or transactional data, location data, emergency requests, wiretap requests, production orders)? If so, would you be willing to provide a copy of this information?

Answer: At this time we do not consolidate the requests into statistical data.

Q.4. If your enterprise uses Deep Packet Inspection equipment or software, have you used it in response to a request from federal authorities?

Answer: Apple Canada has not used any of these technologies in response to a request from federal authorities.

Q.5. Like some organizations, do you notify your customers, when the law allows, that their information has been requested, thus giving them an opportunity to contest the request in court?

Answer: To date Apple Canada has not implemented a practice of notifying individuals named on a request.

Q.6. Like some organizations, do you currently seek reimbursement for the cost of complying with these requests? If so, do federal authorities pay their bills in a prompt manner? If not, what steps if any have you taken in order to obtain payment (such as terminating wiretaps and withholding data)?

Answer: Apple Canada does not currently charge any fee to the public or to law enforcement for compliance with such requests. We would reassess this practice if the volume of requests became unmanageable without additional administration costs.

Q.7. Like some organizations, do you make a schedule of these tariffs or fees available to the public?

Answer: No, we do not charge the public for such services at this time.

I hope that these answers prove useful to the Commission and that you will not hesitate to contact me directly should you require clarification or further information. I can be reached at 905-513-5584 or famulak1@apple.com.
Yours very truly,


Original signed by

Jacqueline Famulak

* Corrects typographical error in original letter (2011 rather than 2001).

** Redacted to remove the names of individuals no longer working with the Company.

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