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Contributions Program

Schedule C - Project Expenditures Report

Project Title:

Duration of Project:

Period Covered by this Report:

OPC Funding Details
Allowable expenditures A
Total funding provided by the OPC
(as per Schedule B)
Expenditures claimed previously
Current period expenditures being claimed
Total expenditures claimed to date (B+C)
1. Salaries and benefits        
2. Travel expenses        
3. Telecommunications        
4. Contractual services        
5. Materials and supplies        
6. Rentals (includes equipment and meeting rooms)        
7. Other        
8. Indirect administrative expenditure (up to a maximum of 15% of the total direct Project expenditures, i.e. items 1 to 7 above)*        
Total allowable expenditures        

* E.g. Indirect Administrative Expenditures may not to exceed $6,521.75 for a $50K project.

Recipient certification of allowable expenditures




Signature of Recipient Authorized Representative (Comptroller or other official financial representative)








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