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What we do

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) carries out its mission to protect and promote the privacy rights of individuals in a variety of ways. For example:

To guide its work, the Office has established strategic privacy priorities.

Explore the links on this page to learn more about our approach and activities.

How the OPC protects and promotes privacy

Learn more about how the OPC achieves its mandate and mission.


Learn about OPC investigations into privacy complaints.


Read the results of the OPC’s privacy audits.

Advisory services for businesses

Find out how the OPC can help businesses to proactively identify and address privacy issues.

Advisory services for federal public sector institutions

Find out how the OPC can help institutions to proactively identify and address privacy issues.

Advice to Parliament

Read information and advice the OPC has provided to Parliament about issues that impact the privacy rights of Canadians.

Submissions to consultations

Explore examples of the OPC’s written contributions to consultation processes.


Read privacy research completed by or for the OPC, or learn about OPC funding available for independent research or knowledge translation projects.


Learn about how the OPC engages Canadians on privacy issues and decisions that affect them.

Awareness campaigns and events

Find out about some of the key initiatives the OPC leads or supports to promote privacy protection and rights.

Provincial and territorial collaboration

Find out how the OPC works with other privacy authorities in Canada.

International collaboration

Discover what the OPC does on the global stage to protect and promote privacy rights.

Memorandums of understanding

Read more about the agreements the OPC has established with other federal government institutions and provincial, territorial and international privacy regulators in order to facilitate collaboration

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