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Internal OPC audits and evaluations

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) regularly conducts internal audits and program evaluations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations.

Internal audit is a professional, independent and objective appraisal function that uses a disciplined, evidence-based approach to assess and improve the risk management, control, and governance processes of an organization. In doing so, it provides transparent assurance that policies and programs are sustainable and managed in a way that demonstrates sound stewardship to Canadians.

Program evaluation is the systematic collection and analysis of evidence on the outcomes of programs to make judgments about their relevance and performance, and to examine alternative ways to deliver them or to achieve the same results. Program evaluations thus support the effective and efficient management of programs and ensure value for money.

The results of both internal audits and evaluations help to identify issues and make recommendations for the improvement of the organization’s performance.

From this page you can access past internal audit and evaluation reports.

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