Discussing online identity and reputation

Young people are communicating online more than ever before. It’s a great way for them to stay connected with friends. But, for all its benefits, communicating online can also pose risks to privacy.

When anyone posts comments, pictures, or information online for others to see, it can affect what people know and think about that person, and ultimately shape their online reputation. Even when individuals are conscious of this and are selective about what they post, they have little control over what others post about them and how their personal information might be interpreted by individuals and organizations.

Removing information from the Internet is far more difficult than posting. Words, pictures and videos online may follow individuals forever, and others may use this information to make decisions about them, so it is important to teach kids to think critically about what they post about themselves and others.

To access resources designed to provide a starting point for parents and educators to use when engaging with younger kids who are beginning to explore the online world, please visit our Discussing personal information protection online page.

Social Smarts: privacy, the Internet and you

Discover a graphic novel and supplementary resources for teaching kids about the privacy risks related to social networking, mobile devices and texting, and online gaming.

Online reputation presentation packages (Grades 7-8/Secondary I to II in Quebec and 9-12/Secondary III to V in Quebec)

Find slides and speaking notes for presenting to teens on protecting online reputation.

Topics to talk about

Find privacy topics and information for discussions about protecting personal information online, and more.

What can YOU do to protect your online rep?

Watch a video with tips and advice on what to consider when you posting information online.

Building a secure online identity

Find some simple reminders for kids about what they can do to protect their online identity.

How to know if your online friends are who they say they are

Find tips kids can use to help them ensure they validate online friend requests before accepting them.

External educational resources and information

Provincial, not-for-profits and other organizations’ information, tools and resources to help engage with kids on the topic of privacy.

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