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Social Smarts: Nothing Personal! (text version)


Page 1

Panel 1

Close-up of a smart phone — we can see icons of various apps.

OLIVE: Wow… My first phone!

Panel 2

We see the phone is being held by OLIVE, a girl of about Grade 4 age. She's standing with her older, teenage brother NATHAN (from the first Social Smarts: Privacy, the Internet and You).

NATHAN: Take good care of it, sis. It treated me well!

OLIVE: Thanks, Nathan!

Panel 3

Pull out to a wider view of Olive and Nathan.

OLIVE: Hey, I think a message just came in for you.

NATHAN: Oh, you can just delete that. I'll get the messages app all set up on my new phone.

Panel 4

Nathan leaves; Olive is still looking at the phone.

OLIVE: What about all these pictures and apps? Nathan's stuff is still all over this. Hey! Get back here!

Panel 5

Suddenly, the phone in Olive's hand is transformed into PHONE — the friendly smartphone character from the first Social Smarts.

PHONE: His stuff isn't just on the phone, either!


Page 2 (double-page spread)

Panel 1 (center)

Phone appears at the center of this double-page spread, with radial panels in an array around him. His dialogue appears in bubbles linked to the individual panels to which he's pointing. OLIVE appears in the four corners of the spread, commenting.

PHONE: Nathan's personal data isn't just on his old phone — it's all over the internet!

Panel 2 (upper left)

Close-up of a search bar with the words "Treasure Sword game how to win" typed into it.

PHONE: The search engine he uses keeps track of his entire search historythat's information advertisers want to know!

OLIVE: I didn't know Nathan needed help beating me at Treasure Sword!

PHONE: I'm sure he didn't want you to know!

Panel 3 (lower left)

Close-up of a photo-sharing app, with a picture of Nathan skateboarding on it, posted by user "greg_2004."

PHONE: Nathan's photos are still stored on the servers of the photo sharing apps he uses. And even if he deleted the pictures or the app, he'd still show up in his friend's photos!

OLIVE: Hey, he's supposed to be wearing his helmet when he's out boarding!

Page 3 (continued from double-page spread)

Panel 1 (upper right)

Close-up of an online shopping portal. It's showing a suggested item: a hooded sweatshirt with a comic book character on it.

PHONE: Shopping sites keep track of not only what you buy, but everything you even look at! And they use that information to advertise things they think you'll like!

OLIVE: Not that he could afford a new hoodie, anyway!

Panel 2 (lower right)

Close-up of Nathan's profile on a social network.

PHONE: There's a reason why almost everything you do online is free. The truth is, almost every site you visit wants to use your data for something. And once it's out there, it can be very hard to get it back!

OLIVE: I guess I should be pretty careful about what I post. You never know who's watching, or what they could do with all my personal information!

Page 4

Panel 1


One long panel taking up the upper third of the page. Olive and her friend ANGELA are at soccer practice. Olive is holding up her phone, which is in camera mode.

ANGELA: So, what's your first post going to be?

OLIVE: I'm getting so many great shots I can't decide!

Panel 2

Angela runs out to take a kick at the ball.

ANGELA: You should see some of MY shots!

Panel 3

Olive takes a picture as Angela kicks the ball.

Panel 4

The coach blows her whistle.

COACH: Okay team, hit the locker room!

Panel 5

Olive still has her phone up in camera mode.

ANGELA: Hey, think I can make this shot?

Angela throws her towel into the laundry bin.

Page 5

Panel 1

Close-up of a photo-sharing app, open on a smart phone. It's the picture of Angela throwing her towel into the laundry bin, posted by user "northern_olive." The caption reads "Angela throwing in the towel!"

Panel 2

Reverse on two students looking at the phone, JEREMIAH and LAURENCE. They appear puzzled.

JEREMIAH: Angela's throwing in the towel?

LAURENCE: So she's quitting the soccer team?

Panel 3

Angela and Olive walk down the halls of their school. Angela appears distraught.

ANGELA: Everyone's saying I quit the team! You have to delete your post!

Panel 4

An embarrassed Olive holds her phone up.

OLIVE: But I already did!

Panel 5

Close on the phone, now in the form of PHONE, our friendly cartoon buddy.

PHONE: Too late! Just like Nathan's personal information, once it’s out there online, it can be really hard to get back!

ANGELA (off-panel): Well, there's one thing I CAN do…

Panel 6

Close on Angela, a determined look on her face.

ANGELA: And that's play twice as hard at the game this weekend! Then nobody can say I've quit the team! And Olive…

OLIVE: What?

ANGELA: You better be there cheering for me!

Page 6

Panel 1

Olive is sitting at a desk, on the family laptop, signing up on a website. Her MOM walks by.

MOM: Don't you have homework?

OLIVE: I'm doing it! I'm supposed to sign up for the school library site and reserve a book.

Panel 2

Mom leans in to see.

OLIVE: It's asking for my name. Is it ok to put it in?

MOM: Oh yeah. We signed up Nathan for a library account. Ok with me!

Panel 3

Closer on Olive's screen, which reads: "Account Created. Book Reserved."

OLIVE: I did it!

Panel 4

Olive plops down on the couch, still holding the laptop.

OLIVE: And now… There's a new version of Treasure Sword out! I'm going to kick back and watch a stream of it!

Page 7

Panel 1

Close on the laptop screen, where we see the sign-up page for a video-game-streaming website. We see Olive has already typed "Olive Casey" into the name field.

OLIVE (off-panel): I guess I have to sign up for this too, if I want to watch. I'll just put in my name in…

Panel 2

Phone is standing on Olive’s laptop, looking at what she's doing on the screen.

PHONE: Are you sure you don't want to use a made-up name?

OLIVE: Huh? Why?

Panel 3

Close-up of the streaming website. On the left, a window showing the game in progress. On the right, a "stream" of comments from viewers:

Olive_Casey: Hi everyone!

dungeoncrawler: Look who's here!

Shadow_dog: hey, is angela still off the team lol

coolcat: haha yeah or did you get her fired again

Panel 4

Back in the real world, Olive looks aghast.

OLIVE: Who are all these people? How do they know all these things about me?

PHONE: Who knows? They're not using their real names!

OLIVE: But… But I used mine!

Panel 5

Close on PHONE.

PHONE: A streaming site isn't like the school library. Some places aren't right to use your real name.

OLIVE: What do I do?

PHONE: Delete the account and sign up for a new one, for starters! And you better hurry, the stream is about to start!

Page 8

Panel 1

Olive is on the laptop, looking puzzled.

OLIVE: I can't find out where I'm supposed to delete my account!

Panel 2

Close on PHONE.

PHONE: They don't make it easy for ya, do they?

Panel 3

The rest of the page is taken up by an oversized panel depicting a visualization of Olive lost on the website, as if she's trapped in an isometric maze. She's shaking her hands in frustration. PHONE, in the corner, comments.

PHONE: Sites really want to hang onto your data, so it can be confusing to figure out how to remove your account. Sometimes you even have to find a phone number and call them!

OLIVE: Argh! I just wanted to watch the stream!

Page 9

Panel 1


Olive is walking down the school hallway with Angela.

OLIVE: And then my mom had to actually call the company's offices and ask them to delete it! It was so embarrassing.

ANGELA: Now you know how I felt!

Olive's phone buzzes. Olive looks at her phone. She has a message with the subject line: Security Breach - Change Password Now

Panel 2

OLIVE: Oh no! I have to log into my email account right away!

Panel 3

PHONE points down at the mail login website on the screen. Something seems off about it.

PHONE: Are you sure? Does that look right?

Panel 4

Angela grabs the phone away from Olive.

ANGELA: Wait! Don't enter your password! It's a trick, it happened to my brother!

PHONE: Hey, don't drop me! But she's right.

Panel 5

Close on PHONE.

PHONE: If you'd entered your password, a hacker could have used it to get into your real account. They could have stolen all of your personal information, or even pretended to be you! Be really careful any time you get an email that sends you somewhere where you have to enter your password.

Panel 6

Olive, to Angela.

OLIVE: That was a close one! Thanks!

ANGELA: You owe me one. Actually, you owe me two!


Page 10

Panel 1

Nathan is hanging out with two of his friends, HARVEY and KAREN, outside the school when Olive happens to be walking by.

NATHAN: Man, the new Treasure Sword looks so cool. I really want that new season pass for it!

KAREN: Good luck paying for it… aren't you totally broke?

HARVEY: Ouch, roasted.

But Olive looks interested…

Panel 2

Later that night. Nathan is heading out the front door.

NATHAN: See you after practice!

Olive, watching him go, asks her dad:

OLIVE: Dad, I want to buy Nathan the new season pass for Treasure Sword for his birthday, can you help me?

Panel 3

Olive is on the website of an electronic retailer, her dad helping her.

OLIVE: Thanks Dad! I'll pay you back out of my allowance.

DAD: You bet you will!

Panel 4

Olive is still on the computer, browsing the web, reading an article about spiders. On the side of the screen, she sees an ad for Treasure Sword.

OLIVE: Hey… weird, I just bought that!

PHONE: Think it's a coincidence, huh? Think again!

Page 11

Panel 1

A large panel, depicting Olive walking through a cavalcade of floating windows, each displaying a different ad for the Treasure Sword Season Pass. PHONE is standing in Olive’s hand.

PHONE: Whenever you visit a shopping site online, you're being tracked! Websites use "cookies" to keep an eye on what you're interested in buying.

OLIVE: Cookies? Yum!

PHONE: Not these ones! They're actually little pieces of data that follow you around the web and see what you're looking at. The information about the products you're interested in will follow you all over the internet!

OLIVE: Wait, does that mean the next time Nathan uses this computer, he'll see ads for Treasure Sword too?

PHONE: You can count on it!

OLIVE: But he might guess what I got him for his birthday! I don't like these cookies at all!

Panel 2

Olive is back at her computer, looking concerned.

PHONE: There is something you can do. Clear your browser's cookies, and the ads will probably go away.

OLIVE: That's the first time I've ever gotten rid of cookies. But it's worth it to keep a secret!

Page 12

Panel 1

Olive and Angela are talking on the soccer field. Angela is wearing her team uniform. A couple of kids pass by, one calls out:

JEREMIAH: Hey Angela, I heard you quit the team!

ANGELA: Not again!

OLIVE: Hey, I know what we can do. Come here!

Panel 2

Olive has Angela set up for a photo by the goal. Angela has the soccer ball twirling on her index finger, and she's flashing a big smile.

OLIVE: Say "goal!"

Panel 3

We see the new, triumphant picture of Angela posted to Olive's photo sharing account with the caption: "Team player!"

Panel 4

Back on the field.

OLIVE: That ought to get the real story out there! I'll be more careful next time, though.

PHONE: It's easy to make mistakes online… but if you remember to keep your information safe, it's also a lot of fun. And isn't that the… goal?

Panel 5

Olive and Angela give Phone a sour look for his terrible pun.

PHONE: Hey — hey — I was just joking — Hey! Don't turn me off!


Back cover

5 tips to protect your privacy online:

  1. Protect your privacy with passwords.
  2. Remember that things you post may not be private.
  3. Respect your friend’s privacy.
  4. Protect your privacy by using a made-up name.
  5. Ask a parent or guardian for help or permission.

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Written by Mark Slutsky

Illustrations by Dan Buller

Logos of federal, provincial and territorial Information and Privacy Commissioners:

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner Nova Scotia

Ombud New Brunswick

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Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia

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