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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada is committed to engaging Canadians on privacy issues and decisions that affect them. One of the ways the OPC does this is through consultations on certain issues. Consultations provide various groups the opportunity to share their knowledge and perspectives on privacy, and this helps the OPC deepen its understanding of the issues and make relevant program and policy decisions.

Explore the links on this page to learn about current opportunities for you to have your say on privacy, as well as outcomes from previous consultations we conducted.

Consultation on transfers for processing – Reframed discussion document

Learn about the OPC’s consultation on transfers for processing.

Consultation on consent under PIPEDA

Participate in and learn about the OPC’s consultation on consent and privacy.

Consultation on online reputation

Learn about the OPC’s consultation initiative on online reputation.

Completed consultations

Access information and outcomes from the OPC’s past consultation initiatives.

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