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Commissioner discusses new challenges to privacy with the ATIP coordinators community

June 1, 2020

Privacy Act Bulletins are intended to offer lessons learned, best practices and other important privacy news, trends and information related to privacy protection in the federal public sector. We encourage you to share this information with colleagues.

Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien’s March 9th remarks to a meeting of Access to Information and Privacy coordinators community have now been published on the OPC website.

In his presentation, the Commissioner addressed how modernized federal privacy laws could better protect Canadians. His comments on law reform are all the more relevant as the government seeks to develop public-private partnerships in an effort to alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has highlighted the shortcomings of our current legal framework in this area.

The OPC recognizes that the public health crisis has created significant challenges for ATIP professionals across the federal government. Our office has published an assessment framework intended to assist government institutions faced with responding to the emergency.

We are available to assist federal government organizations with questions regarding their responsibilities and authorities to collect or disclose personal information in the context of the pandemic.

Other information of interest

The recently redesigned Expectations: OPC’s Guide to the Privacy Impact Assessment Process.

OPC’s investigation into Statistics Canada, from which government institutions can draw positive lessons.

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