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Real Results Vol.4 

October 2023

Protecting privacy rights
through innovative research

This volume of Real Results examines issues explored by some of the research projects funded over the past three years under the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada's Contributions Program. The Contributions Program funds leading-edge independent research and public education projects aimed at generating new ideas, approaches and knowledge about privacy. Find out in this volume of Real Results what some the privacy challenges of our time are, and how today's researchers and innovators are advancing solutions to these problems.

Q&A: AI and the future of healthcare

The race is on to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare. But because they rely on mass quantities of patient health information, many are being developed by privately owned companies and rely on public-private partnerships and data sharing arrangements. How will this impact patient privacy?

A robot arm holds an elder’s hand.

Growing up with AI: What are the privacy risks for children?

AI is playing an increasing role in children's lives, fundamentally reshaping their everyday experiences and the places where they spend their time – from home and school settings to many public spaces. But what impact is it having on their right to privacy?

“Recommended for you”: Data privacy and the algorithms used by popular streaming platforms

Streaming platforms use recommendation engines – or algorithmic filtering technology – to curate content and make suggestions for us. But in this process of automating content recommendations, is user data being protected, or infringed upon?

Disclaimer: The OPC’s Contributions Program funds independent privacy research and knowledge translation projects. The opinions expressed by the experts featured in this publication, as well as the projects they discuss, do not necessarily reflect those of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

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