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Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports


Heather Black
Assistant Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Travel Expenses - 2004

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-28 to 01-29 Speech delivered to Ontario Bar Association at AIIM Conference, First Canadian Chapter $219.00
02-06 Meeting with the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner $736.96
02-10 to 02-14 Speech delivered to Security & Privacy: Friends, Foes or Partners Conference $1,752.26
04-13 to 04-14 CBC Newsworld Interview $984.06
05-11 to 05-15 Annual Meeting of federal, provincial, territorial Information and Privacy Commissioners $1,930.74
06-07 Speech delivered to the Retail Council of Canada $697.58
07-01 to 07-10 Privacy Laws and Business 17th International Conference and related meetings $9,383.01
08-15 to 08-17 CBA Canadian Legal Conference and Expo 2004 and related meetings $1,104.94
09-25 to 09-30 12th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leader's Meeting and related meetings $5,563.53
11-04 Panel discussion at the 2004 Insurance Bureau of Canada Regulatory Affairs Symposium $486.05
11-17 to 11-19 36th Annual Meeting for International Working Group on Data Protection in Telecommunications $2,402.37
11-23 to 11-24 National Privacy Services Inc and McInnes Cooper Session and CBA Nova Scotia, Privacy Law Section Session and other meetings $740.78
Footnote * Total: $ 26,001.28

Hospitality Expenses - 2004

Date Event Description Cost
01-30 Refreshments - Meeting with Industry Canada and CGA $26.09
02-24 Refreshments - Meeting with FETCO $39.80
04-14 Breakfast - Meeting to discuss privacy matters $32.36
04-15 Refreshments - Meeting with Australian Deputy Director of Compliance $35.29
Footnote ** Total: $133.54

Please note that information that would normally be withheld under the Access to Information Act or the Privacy Act does not appear on this web site.

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