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Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports


Corporate Hospitality

Hospitality Expenses - 2005

Date Event Description Cost
01-12 Catering and meeting room rental - All-day strategic planning session for OPC staff $1,870.36
02-18 Working breakfast to discuss OPC's appearances at upcoming Parliamentary committees $27.66
02-22 Lunch - Meeting to discuss OPC's presentation before the Senate Committee on National Finance of February 16, 2005 $17.81
03-24 Refreshments - OPC staff meeting $537.79
04-04 Special meeting to discuss OPC budget and forecast for 2005-2006 $36.39
06-08 Refreshments - Appearance before the Standing Committee on Industry, Natural Resources, Science and Technology $8.34
06-15 Refreshments - National Public Service Week $215.07
06-22 Refreshments - OPC staff meeting $738.30
06-22 National Public Service Week - OPC event $798.81
08-11 Working lunch to discuss policies $52.22
08-23 Lunch to review the 2004-2005 Annual Report on the Privacy Act and the 2004 Annual Report on PIPEDA $58.09
09-26 Working lunch to discuss response to the SPAM Task Force $65.92
10-12 Refreshments, Senior Management Committee Meeting $11.13
10-19 Reception - Initiation of the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign $98.98
10-19 Working lunch to prepare for appearance before the House of Commons Information, Privacy and Ethics Committee $95.50
10-25 Working lunch, bilateral meeting - Corporate Services $20.80
10-27 Refreshments - OPC staff meeting $830.59
11-09 Refreshments for the departure of an intern from la Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés de la France (CNIL) $84.26
12-20 Working lunch with Senior Management Committee members $141.51
Footnote * Total: $5,709.53

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