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Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports


Raymond D'Aoust
Assistant Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Travel Expenses - 2008

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
04-08 to 04-10 Panel discussion at the Commission de l?éthique de la science et de la technologie (CEST) in Montreal, Quebec $625.99
04-22 to 04-23 Speech delivered to the Conference of the Association sur l’accès et la protection de l’information in Quebec City $1,175.12
05-21 to 05-23 Attended the London Initiative workshop in Montreal, Quebec $590.98
Footnote * Total: $2,392.09

Hospitality Expenses - 2008

Date Event Description Cost
05-15 Working lunch regarding an appearance before ETHI committee $33.71
Footnote ** Total: $60.00

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