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Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports


Jennifer Stoddart
Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Travel Expenses - 2010

Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
01-05 Interview on CBC-TV’s The Hour in Toronto $403.01
01-29 Delivered a speech at the Symposium on the Protection of Personal Information in Montreal $445.00
02-09 to 02-11 Delivered a speech and participated in the 11th Annual Privacy and Security Conference in Victoria $1,549.83
03-04 to 03-07 Delivered a speech at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Working Party on Information Security and Privacy's (WPISP) project meetings and attended various meetings with stakeholders in Paris, France $3,970.87
03-15 to 03-17 Delivered speeches at the 10th anniversary of International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Conference and participated in Federal Trade Commission consultations in Washington, D.C. $1,882.55
04-13 Delivered a speech at the Journées de Concertation du Tribunal des Professions in Bromont $114.33
04-19 to 04-20 Participated in and delivered speeches, as well as hosted a press conference and granted interviews in conjunction with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit 2010 in Washington, D.C. $2,261.21
04-22 Delivered a speech at the at the 2010 Conference of the Association sur l’accès et la protection de l’information (AAPI) in Quebec city $507.92
04-26 Delivered a speech at the Performance Audit Symposium of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association in Toronto $851.67
04-28 to 04-29 Delivered a speech and participated in the OPC 2010 Consumer Privacy Consultations in Toronto $952.55
05-18 to 05-19 Delivered a speech and participated in the OPC 2010 Consumer Privacy Consultations in Montreal $245.11
05-25 to 05-28 Delivered speeches and participated in the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Canadian Privacy Summit 2010 in Toronto $2,078.51
06-09 to 06-12 Delivered a speech and attended the 2010 Access and Privacy Conference in Edmonton, Alberta $2,480.27
08-30 to 09-03 Attended the 2010 Information and Privacy Commissioners Summit in Whitehorse, Yukon $2,909.40
09-14 to 09-17 Attended the 2nd Annual Sedona Conference International Program in Washington, DC $2,189.28
09-28 to 10-02 Attended the International Association Privacy Protection Academy for 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland and delivered a speech at the Saskatchewan Access Privacy Security Information and Records Management Forum in Regina, Saskatchewan $2,606.46
10-06 Attended the official opening of the OPC Toronto Office $557.16
10-18 Attended, delivered a speech and received the Karen Spector Award at the Osgoode's Annual Administrative Law Conference in Toronto, Ontario $504.16
10-21 to 11-04 Attended the 32nd Annual Data and Privacy Commissioners International Conference in Jerusalem, Israel $10,123.90
11-16 Delivered a keynote address at the SC Magazine World Congress in Toronto, Ontario $636.02
11-21 to 11-22 Delivered a speech at the University of Saskatchewan College of Law in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan $1,305.44
Footnote * Total: $38,574.65

Hospitality Expenses - 2010

Date Event Description Cost
02-27 Business Dinner with representatives of the Federal Trade Commission of the United States $110.09
02-28 Refreshments for a meeting with the Principal Legal Advisor to the Ministry of the Attorney General of the Government of Australia $41.52
03-17 Dinner with the Chief Privacy Officer at the Department of Homeland Security of the U.S.A. $176.57
05-06 Working lunch with a Federal counterpart to discuss files of mutual interest $40.63
05-18 Reception for the OPC 2010 Consumer Privacy Consultations in Montreal $206.53
06-09 Dinner with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Saskatchewan $204.24
06-22 Lunch with the Commissioner of Competition $37.42
06-28 Hosted reception for speakers of Genome Canada Workshop, event partnered by OPC $248.26
08-12 Lunch with the President and Chief Executive of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives to discuss privacy matters $48.79
09-21 Breakfast event with Provincial counterparts, where an Associate Professor of the University of Ottawa gave a presentation on Solicitor-Client Privileges $364.99
09-23 Breakfast and lunch served during the Public Safety and Privacy Workshop hosted by the OPC $1,165.71
Footnote ** Total: $2,644.75

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