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Travel and Hospitality Expenses Reports


Daniel Therrien
Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Travel Expenses - 2014
Date(s) Purpose Total Cost
07-02 Meeting with the Toronto staff of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and attended a meeting of private-sector stakeholders in the Greater Toronto Area. $844.65
10-08 to 10-20 Attended the 36th International Data Protection Authorities Conference, the Common Thread Commonwealth Association for Data Protection and Privacy meetings and the Global Privacy Enforcement Network meeting as well as other related meetings and events in Balaclava, Mauritus Island. $9,511.89
12-01 to 12-04 Attended and spoke at the 42nd Asia Pacific Authorities Forum, attended the OPC Focus Group on strategic priorities and met with international counterparts and other delegates in Vancouver. $1,980.84
12-08 to 12-09 Attended the OPC Focus Group on strategic priorities in Montreal $625.73
Footnote * Total: $12,963.11
Hospitality Expenses - 2014
Date Event Description Cost
09-23 Lunch with a member of the OPC Audit Committee to discuss privacy related issues. $44.50
12-01 Lunch with the former Privacy Commissioner of Canada to discuss privacy issues. $55.39
12-01 Reception to welcome the guests of the 42nd Asia Pacific Authorities Forum. $1,116.50
Footnote ** Total: $1,216.39

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